Diecast (MCYMOK)

It’s a pleasure to share my diecast photos with you. Sometimes you can see my hands, reflections or other conditional amateur mistakes in photos, but I hope you show clemency (and that’s the reason for being an “amateur”). Also, I have upgraded my shooting equipments to semi-pro format. I hope I get rid of these amateur habits.
MCYMOK is the short form of “Mehmet Can Yılmaz Model Otomobil Koleksiyonu” in Turkish, which refers to “Mehmet Can Yılmaz Diecast Collection”.

Turkey’s #1 diecast model website (DCT forum has been moved to Facebook but it’s the first) ;

Member of International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites

& member of ScaleModel.net


Mehmet Can Yılmaz Diecast Collection’s main model suppliers;
Cumhur Yücel Güven (CYG Koleksiyon), Modelissimo.de, Bestelhobi and trusted sellers on Sahibinden.com & Ebay.com
Official Facebook Page (TR)
Official Instagram Account (TR)
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